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Fannie Mae Forms. You are able to easily copy a previous month's report, and amend as required before submitting. Used for properties built prior to to declare the possible presence of lead paint. The cover sheet that details the listing and selling broker's contact details. Used when a sale has been terminated after the sale contract has been signed. When a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage purchaser wants to inspect the property's utilities. For the broker to identify the extent of required work, and to list contractors bids.

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Release form where that has been a water leak or mold found at the property. This form ensures the occupants release the owner from any debts and demands. A Better Freddie Mac.

Freddie Mac Q&A

We are focused on operating as a very well-run large financial institution, by:. Being a very effective operating organization;. Being a market leader through customer focus and innovation; and. Managing risk and economic capital for quality risk-adjusted returns. We are focused on providing leadership, through innovation and constructive forward-looking engagement with FHFA to improve the liquidity, stability, and affordability of the U.

Modernizing and improving the functioning of the mortgage markets;.

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Developing greater responsible access to housing finance; and. Reducing taxpayer exposure to mortgage risks. Our Charter forms the framework for our business activities. Our statutory mission as defined in our Charter is to:. Provide stability in the secondary market for residential loans;. Respond appropriately to the private capital market;. Provide ongoing assistance to the secondary market for residential loans including activities relating to loans for low- and moderate-income families, involving a reasonable economic return that may be less than the return earned on other activities by increasing the liquidity of mortgage investments and improving the distribution of investment capital available for residential mortgage financing; and.

Promote access to mortgage loan credit throughout the U. This Charter requirement does not apply to multifamily loans or to loans that have the benefit of any guarantee, insurance or other obligation by the U. Our Charter does not permit us to originate loans or lend money directly to consumers in the primary mortgage market.

Higher limits also apply to two- to four-family residences and to loans secured by properties in Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, and the U. Virgin Islands. We have three reportable segments: Single-family Guarantee, Multifamily, and Investments. Certain activities that are not part of a reportable segment are included in the All Other category. Our principal offices consist of four office buildings we own in McLean, Virginia, comprising approximately 1. We file reports and other information with the SEC.

Pursuant to SEC rules, our annual reports on Form K contain certain information typically provided in an annual proxy statement. We make available, free of charge through our website at www.


The SEC also maintains an internet site www. Pursuant to SEC regulations, public companies are required to disclose certain information when they incur a material direct financial obligation or become directly or contingently liable for a material obligation under an off-balance sheet arrangement. As a result, we do not file registration statements or prospectuses with the SEC with respect to our securities offerings.

In cases where the information is disclosed in an offering circular posted on our website, the document will be posted within the same time period that a prospectus for a non-exempt securities offering would be required to be filed with the SEC. The website address for disclosure about our debt securities is www. Disclosure about the mortgage-related securities we issue, some of which are off-balance sheet obligations e. From this address, investors can access information and documents about our mortgage-related securities, including offering circulars and related offering circular supplements.

We regularly communicate information concerning our business activities to investors, the news media, securities analysts, and others as part of our normal operations. Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, some of which are beyond our control.

These statements are not historical facts, but rather represent our expectations based on current information, plans, judgments, assumptions, estimates, and projections.

Which forms are available?

The actions the U. The effect of the restrictions on our business due to the conservatorship and the Purchase Agreement, including our dividend obligation on the senior preferred stock;. Our ability to maintain adequate liquidity to fund our operations;. Changes in our Charter or in applicable legislative or regulatory requirements including any legislation affecting the future status of our company ;.

Changes in the fiscal and monetary policies of the Federal Reserve, including any changes to its policy of maintaining sizable holdings of mortgage-related securities and any future sales of such securities;. The success of our efforts to mitigate our losses on our Legacy single-family book and our investments in non-agency mortgage-related securities;. Our ability to maintain the security of our operating systems and infrastructure e. Changes in economic and market conditions, including changes in employment rates, interest rates, spreads, and home prices;.

Changes in the U. Our ability to effectively execute our business strategies, implement new initiatives, and improve efficiency;. The adequacy of our risk management framework;.

Our ability to manage mortgage credit risks, including the effect of changes in underwriting and servicing practices;. Our ability to limit or manage our exposure to interest-rate volatility and spread volatility, including the availability of derivative financial instruments needed for interest-rate risk management purposes;. Changes or errors in the methodologies, models, assumptions, and estimates we use to prepare our financial statements, make business decisions, and manage risks;.

Changes in investor demand for our debt or mortgage-related securities e. Changes in the practices of loan originators, investors and other participants in the secondary mortgage market; and. Selected Financial Data. At or For the Year Ended December 31,. - Find a Home during First Look

Statements of Comprehensive Income Data. Net interest income. Provision benefit for credit losses. Non-interest income loss. Non-interest expense. Income tax expense benefit. Net income loss. Comprehensive income loss. Net loss attributable to common stockholders. Net loss per common share - basic and diluted. Cash dividends per common share.